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OCI Exacote is a unique nitrogen-sulfur blend with Nutramon CAN, Granular 3 Ammonium Sulfate and coated urea as basic ingredients. The coating ensures a controlled release of nutrients, fully tailored to the nutritional needs of the crop. As a result, OCI Exacote offers a reliable and sustainable solution for current and future agriculture, with a focus on the environment.

OCI Exacote can be applied using the standard fertilization technique as well as precision fertilization. Spread widths of up to 30 meters are advised (depending on the variety). wheat is now considerably greener than my neighbors.

Frank Kuijpers, arable farmer in Ossenisse

So many crops, so many blends

There are four different types of blends available. These have been specially developed for various crops and nutritional needs. The nutrients in Nutramon CAN and Granular 3 AS are available immediately for absorption by crops. The nitrogen in the coated urea is released over two to three months, depending on the temperature. In other words, the crop's nutritional requirements are matched.